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Charge For An Hour, Power Your Day.

2000Q features a massive 1648Wh capacity, needing just one charge for all your indoor and outdoor needs. With a peak 1200W input and efficient charging, the battery refills swiftly. 0 to 80% in 80 minutes! Surpassing peers in capacity, it ensures swift recharge, erasing battery worries.

Rapid Recharge at 1200W

80Min to 80%

Byrony 2000Q

2.5Hrs to 80%

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Battery Upgraded

LiFePO4 Battery - 3000+ Cycle Life, 10-Year Battery Lifespan

Byrony 2000Q


Cycle Life

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Cycle Life

Power for Anything & Anytime

Adaptable to diverse electricity requirements, effortlessly managed.

*Data obtained through testing in the Byrony laboratory under simulated standard conditions, for reference only. Actual usage may vary.

Compatible With 99% Of Devices

Byrony 2000Q offers a maximum operating output power of up to 2000W, catering to high-power appliances. Furthermore, it features multiple output ports of various types, providing power to a wider range of devices.

BMS - Intelligent Battery Safety Management System

The BMS intelligent battery system is used to monitor and regulate voltage, current, and temperature in real-time, ensuring safe usage.

Charging with Light

-Up to 800W of solar input, charging whenever there's light.

Package List

1 x Byrony 2000Q Power Station, 1 x Wall Charger, 1 x User Guide